International Seminar Modern Sales Management

International Seminar Modern Sales Management

Individual and InCompany Training


Commercial Directors, Sales Managers and Salespeople who need to improve their sales management techniques.


Learn sales team management techniques aimed at a specific market, in order to improve the percentage of customer acquisition and loyalty.


  • Analyze sales plans as a commercial strategy of the marketing plan.
  • Learn tools for attracting, keeping and maintaining customers/consumers in a defined market.
  • Learn how to work with objectives and set sales targets.
  • Study basic sales management to achieve objectives.
  • Analyse the means of controlling and monitoring sales.


  • Theoretical presentations are combined with practical ones, so that the application of theory and its results can be seen.
  • The practical cases or other contents of the programme can become opinion forums or discussion centres in which the opinions of the participants are contrasted.
  • Group work and dynamics that encourage teamwork and interaction.


  • The marketing plan and commercial strategy.
  • The personal sale within the commercial strategy.
  • The conquest of an available market.
  • Searching for and attracting available customers.
  • Work and loyalty of customers who buy.
  • Maintaining and developing loyal customers.

Estrategias y Objetivos de Ventas

  • Management and sales strategies. The three dimensions of sales management.
  • The number of contacts with customers.
  • The direction of sales, customer and product work.
  • Customer classification.
  • The sales objectives. The difference between forecasts and objectives.
  • Business objectives, performance objectives and development objectives.
  • The different strategies and tactics for customer visits/contact.
  • Difference between selling, negotiating and buying. What is selling? What is negotiating? What is buying? From a commercial point of view.
  • The strategies for customer loyalty (CRM).

Sales Control and Monitoring

  • The concept of control and monitoring within the sales plan.
  • The performance standards. The Sales Director's scorecard.
  • The follow-up of visits as a means of control. The accompanied visit with the salespeople.
  • Reports and meetings as a means of control.