Individual and InCompany Training

Individual and InCompany Training

Some of the Universities and Business Schools where I teach in Spain and Latin America:

Internationalisation and Sales

  • Director of the Internationalisation 4.0 Programme at LinkedIn with Social Selling - Cámara de Comercio de Castellón
  • Professor of Social Selling in the Master's Degree in Public and Private Fundraising Management in Non-Profit Organisations at the Complutense University of Madrid
  • Director of the Social Selling Programme at the University of Barcelona - IL3 Institut de Formació Continua
  • Professor of Social Selling, Digital Strategist and Digital Talent with LinkedIn at ESIC Business and Marketing School
  • Social Selling Professor at ICEMD The Institute for the Digital Economy
  • co Director and Professor of the Executive Programme of Social Selling at La Salle IGS
  • International Diploma in Digital Sales Management - PBS
  • Postgraduate in Commercial Management and Digital Sales Management* - Design of the Social Selling Plan and Integration of Social Networks into the Sales Plan - PBS with FIU Business and IE Business
  • CRM for the shipping industry, how to speed up your sales process and manage it with real-time data - FEUGA Fundación Universidad Empresa Gallega

*(Certified by IE Business School and Florida International University - FIU Business)

HR Digital Talent

  • Digital Talent in HR Center of Excellence de Latin America
  • Professor in the Master in Digital Talent Management and Organizational Agility

New Tech

  • Professor in the MTD Digital Transformation Master
  • The Future of Telework - Work tools for the executive Home Office


  • Executive MBA Professor at target Business School
  • Executive MBA Professor at ENAE Business School - Escuela de Negocios y Administración de Empresas
  • Professor of the Diploma of Convergent Contents and Digital Advertising in the Government of Colombia
  • Lecturer at the VI International Marketing Congress at the Universidad Continental de Perú

Digital Marketing

  • MKK Master's Degree in Marketing Management with Specialisation in Analysis and Digital Strategy
  • MKK-TD Master's Degree in Marketing and Digital Transformation
  • BMK Bachelor in International Marketing and Digital Communication
  • Digital Marketing and Social Networking Strategies for Shopping Centres
  • International Diploma in Advanced Marketing Management
  • Professor of Digital Communication and Inbound Marketing at MMKD Master's Degree in  Digital Marketing of ENAE Business School
  • Postgraduate in Marketing - Strategic Plan of Social Media and Main Networks - PBS
  • Postgraduate in Marketing and Postgraduate in Retail Management (with specialization in Digital Retail) - PBS


  • LinkedIn Seminar for Executives
  • International Certified Sales Seminar
  • International Seminar Modern Sales Management - PBS
  • International Seminar on Strategies for Selling on LinkedIn

Some of the places where I teach

UCM Universidad Complutense de Madrid, PBS Panamerican Business School Guatemala, Intras República Dominicana, target Business School, ENAE Business School, La Salle IGS, IL3 Institut de Formació Continua - Universidad de Barcelona, UPV Universitat Politécnica de Valencia, Cámara de Comercio de Castellón, Kschool, ESIC Business and Marketing School, ICEMD El Instituto de la Economía Digital, etc...

Other training I have given

Masters, Programas Superiores y Formaciones
A continuación tienes algunas de las formaciones que he ido impartiendo en micarrera. PSD-PYMES Programa Superior de Dirección de la Pequeña y Mediana EmpresaEn elPrograma Superior de Dirección de la pequeña y mediana empresa se combinanclases teóricas con la realización de ejercicios y casos pr…

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Ponente Internacional
Ponente Internacional sobre las nuevas tendencias Soft Tech, las tendencias del Futuro del Trabajo, Social Selling y LinkedIn, como adaptarse desde un punto de vista profesional y empresarial.
David Martinez Calduch

David Martinez Calduch