Due to the changes that have occurred at the technological level, which is impacting on all areas of society, the client has adopted digital devices, computers, tablets, smartphones, Smartwatches, intelligent speakers, assistants, etc..

This has meant that the customer has changed the way they are informed and make their decision, and in many cases this means that when they contact the seller, in most cases they have already made the decision to buy, turning the seller into a dispatcher and removing them from the sales funnel when it comes to influencing the sales process.

This is happening both in B2C end customers and B2B companies.
It is for this reason that the Social Selling methodology appears in order to adapt the salespeople to this new purchasing process and the new channels, to be able to once again participate actively and influence customers' purchasing decisions.

Only 7% of the world's salespeople are being trained in Social Selling. - Accenture

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Social Selling Resources

Social Selling Resources