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All professionals who work or aspire to work in any activity of Marketing or Sales, Trade Marketing, Category Managers, Key Accounts, Commercial Managers, Communications, Digital Technology, Social Media Managers, Marketing Managers, owners who run their own business and entrepreneurs who see in Marketing the opportunity for growth


  • Develop a strategic vision for a better understanding of the variables that affect the future of business today.
  • Understand, diagnose and interpret solutions to digital transformation needs required by organizations.
  • Know and understand the new disruptive business models.
  • Develop and apply new methodologies and strategies with New Marketing for the implementation of digital transformation projects.
  • Generate new strategies to lead digital transformation projects.
  • Design and develop new strategic business skills that support the process, communications, customer management and people models that support digital transformation projects.


Strategic Courses

1.Economic and Forward Looking Analysis
2. Rethinking the Future and Strategic Leadership
3. Global Strategy and Business Models
4. Strategic Innovation

Business Courses

5. Strategic Marketing Planning
6. Marketing strategies
7. Consumer and Shopper Marketing Analysis
8. Innovation in Product and Service Design
9. Brand Management
10. Communication and Advertising Strategies
11. Experience Marketing
12. Customer Experience Design & Management

Digital Transformation Courses

13. Digital Ecosystems: From Traditional Business to Digital Business
14 Platforms Business Models
15. Digital Competences and Skills
16. Creating a Digital Culture: Leadership and Change Management in Digital Transformation Processes
17. Diagnosis and Roadmap of the Digital Transformation Project
18. Strategic Plan for Digital Transformation Projects

Tools and Skills Courses

19. Digital Marketing
20. Web positioning and SEO and SEM strategies
21. Social Network Planning
22. Digital Advertising
23. Design and Creation of Digital Channels
24. E-Commerce