I teach the sessions of:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Selling on LinkedIn
  • Digital Tools for Managerial Productivity

I. Strategy Module
Management and strategic planning
Economic and social environment
Project management
Integral control panel
Operations Management
II. HR module
Team management and motivation (Present and future management styles, Outdoor training, Professional excellence workshop, DISC test target)
Personal development (Coaching, Stress management, Protocol and personal and professional image)
Tools for managing people (Competency-based management systems, Performance evaluation, Potential analysis and career plan, Variable remuneration and compensation systems)
Management skills (Public speaking, Managing meetings and presentations, Internal communication and conflict resolution)
V. Complementary Activities Module
Marketing Planning
Sales planning
Marketing Communication
Technologies and digital marketing
International trade
IV. Economic and financial module
Economic environment
Applied Finance
Commercial and fiscal news
Management control
Management with banks
V. Complementary Activities Module
Premium Seminars
Networking days
Working breakfasts
Round tables
Specialised congresses
Accredited by the UCAM San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia
More than 500 hours