// Certifications / Change Management Professional Certification HRCM: Change Management Certification

What is Change Management?

"Change management seeks to facilitate and achieve the successful implementation of transformation processes, which involves working with and for people in accepting and assimilating change and reducing resistance to change." - KPMG

HRCM Certification from Panamerican Business School


Level 1: Strategy

  • Module 1: Strategic Leadership: The leader's new vision of the future.
  • Module 2: Business Models and Competitive Strategy
  • Module 3: Organizational Development: Understanding the new human dynamics in organizations.

Level 2: Business

  • Module 4: Organizational Change Management
  • Module 5: Leading Change in People and Teams
  • Module 6: Organizational Culture and Change Models

Level 3: Digital Transformation

  • Module 7: Digital Transformation: Leading the Human Management of the Future
  • Module 8: Human Talent Management based on Digital Competences
  • Module 9: Designing a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Level 4: Skills and Tools

  • Module 10: Coaching Skills for Change Management
  • Module 11: Change Project Management: Design, Planning and Execution
  • Module 12: Change Project Management Indicators