// Individual and in-company training / PBS Panamerican Business School

Addresed to

Executives, managers and entrepreneurs in the areas of marketing, sales, trade marketing, community managers, marketing assistants, brand managers, category managers and all those professionals who have not started or completed their degree studies at a local or international university, but have work experience of more than three years in executive positions and have a transcript of how to validate their approved courses


  • To prepare marketing professionals through solid training in modern marketing practices.
  • To strengthen leadership and innovation capacities to develop value proposals through products and services.
  • Obtain the bases and conceptual foundations to develop and implement differentiated marketing strategies.

Competences to be developed

  • Development of international strategic thinking to analyse and exploit market opportunities.
  • Ability to understand new consumer behaviour and define products and services differentiated from those of competitors.
  • Development of skills to plan, design and execute marketing strategies in increasingly competitive markets.



1. Quantitative Methods
2. Management Accounting
3. Neuromarketing
4. Intercultural Written Communication
5. Statistics and Basics of Big Data


6. Globalisation of Consumer Behaviour
7. International Marketing
8. Corporate Communications in the local and international sphere
9. Written Communication in the Digital Age
10. Digital Marketing
11. Brand Management
12. Web positioning based on SEO and SEM strategies
13. Development of Global Advertising Strategy
14. Digital and Mobile Advertising
15. Service and Customer Experience Management
16. Social Network Strategies
17. Business Analytics
18. Public Relations
19. Media Planning, International Procurement, and Management


20. Digital Transformation21. Crisis Management in the Media
22. Price/Cost Strategy
23. Strategic Marketing Planning
24. Strategic Innovation
25. Design and Execution of Competitive Strategies
26. International Strategy and Diversification
27. High Impact Presentations
28. Retail and Trade Marketing
29. Degree Project I
30. Degree Project II