My current position is Soluciona Facil is Change Management in Digital Cultural Change Management Projects, I am also a Digital Export Consultant in Spanish Chambers of Commerce.

Some of the positions I have developed areas Manager, Consultant, Business Development Programmer, Head of Programmers, and Head of IT.

I design and implement Digital Culture Change Management projects in companies to increase EBITDA, improve the positioning of the company and its message, develop hybrid teams and empower them through collaboration and continuous innovation.

Director and Professor at Universities and Business Schools in Spain and Latin America, in Executive Programs, International Certifications, Masters, MBAs, EMBAs, etc....:

Cultural Change, Change Management, Digital Culture

  • Innovation and Extreme Productivity
  • Business Models and Experiential Processes of CX3 clients with NFTs
  • Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising
  • Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Startups
  • Social Selling, LinkedIn, Digital Selling
  • Fundraising for NGOs
  • Internationalization 4.0 (Export)
  • FOW Future of Work, Job Search
  • Digital Leadership, Hybrid Leadership
  • Digital Workplace, HomeWork
  • Recruitment 4.0, Talent Attraction and Retention

Some of my clients' sectors

My clients include companies in sectors such as Insurance, Banking, Pharma, Telephony, Transportation, Software, Consulting, Automotive, among others.

Social Selling Index SSI

  • Top 50 European Social Selling Professionals
  • Social Selling Index SSi >90
  • +5 000 visits per year to LinkedIn profile
  • +60 000 appearances per year in LinkedIn search results
  • 1% with the best score in the sector
  • 1% with the best score in the agenda

EMBA, Change Management Certification HRCM, SCRUM Master Certified Professional Certification: Agile Project Management, Solution Partner de Hootsuite, Embajador de Hootsuite, Profesional Certificado Hootsuite, ECC Consultor Certificado Evernote

Author of 4 books on Social Selling and LinkedIn https://www.amazon.com/author/davidmcalduch

Read the opinions of more than 400 clients at http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmcalduch

Find out more about my side of...

Consultor Exportación y Director Programa Internacionalización 4.0
* Consultor de Exportación en el área Digital en el Departamento de Internacionalización de la Cámara de Comercio de Castellón * Director y Consultor del Programa In Company de Internacionalización 4.0 en LinkedIn con Social Selling * Formador Programa Ejecutivo “Internacionalización 4.0 en…
Profesor y Facilitador
Más de 12 000 horas de formación impartidas, con más de 30 años de experienciaimpartiendo capacitaciones. Director de Programas, Profesor y ConferencianteAlgunas de las Universidades y Escuelas de Negocios donde imparto clases (+30 deaños): * Director del Programa de Social Selling en la Univer…
Ponente Internacional
La Transformación Digital empieza en los clientes y no en la tecnología


Medios de comunicación
RadioColaborador en el programa de radio de Onda Cero Castellón, donde participo enla sección donde hablo de tecnología, redes sociales, marketing digital,transformación digital y nuevas tendencias. Me puedes escuchar en directo, todos los lunes a las 13:30 en Onda CeroCastellón. Prensa[https://www.flickr.com/photos/solucionafacil/6044812499/…